Hinthada Township Girl Tricked By Human Trafficking Gang into Prostitution

Hinthada Township



Saturday, October 19, 2013

This is a distressing story of a young girl from the Hinthada Township region of Myanmar who was tricked into human slavery leading to forced prostitution. The story started to unfold when the Myanmar mother Soe Soe Tint sold her daughter Thi Thi Moe, a young Burmese girl to an alleged ‘Chinese Garment Factory’. The mother Soe Soe Tint pocketed $5,000 US dollars and has not been seen or heard from her daughter Thi Thi Moe since.

But the upshot is that it is very likely that Thi Thi Moe has been resold into human slavery which in Asia leads to forced prostitution with a miserable life ahead where the human trafficking gang leaders aka the Triads will force girls to work in many brothels and massage parlors. The Triads rotate the slave girls moving them from brothel to brothel keep the clients served with disgustingly ‘Fresh Meat’ that way the girls get more men buying sex. Leave a slave girl too long in a massage parlor and the regular punters will get fed up with her – same old same old – so the Triads move the girls after all the innocent girls have no choice they are just sex slaves.

Hinthada Township Girl Tricked By Human Trafficking Gang into Prostitution…


Hinthada Township – meaning – Is a township of villages in Burma aka Myanmar the Ayeyarwady Region includes hundreds of small communities. Hinthada Township is located 4 hours from Rangoon.

Modern Day Slavery In Qatar


So the center stage news story in Qatar is all about 2022 World Cup.  Promoting all that is best about the Arabian country that is not much bigger than a medium sized city in many other countries around the world.

But underneath all the publicity and media hyperbole, there lies a storyline of human misery as migrant construction workers are treated nothing more than modern day slaves.

On the scarcely populated areas of the city lie construction sites where usually housed at the back of the site are really shoddy poorly constructed worker camps. But a visual sight draft of these camps does not unveil the whole story of misery and deprivation that is masked over in the camps. The truth is that nearly all of these construction worker camps, is that the migrant workers are contained in prison like environment wherein they are nothing more nor less than modern day slaves.

Here is more information on Modern Day Slavery In Qatar – quote – During a two-month span this summer 2013, 44 Nepalese workers had died. They succumbed to the harsh conditions – over worked – poorly  fed – deplorable hygiene facilities – inadequate health and safety protection – accidents that were preventable if the employers had kept to International construction standards of health – safety and working conditions.

Meanwhile all the authorities care about is Qatar World Cup 2022…

Modern Day Slavery In Qatar…


Operation Sentinel Cracks Down on Brothels in the Midlands UK

Up to 40 West Midlands Police from Operation Sentinel have raided several houses in the Midlands UK, and rounded up many men and women suspected of being involved in prostitution – running brothels and human trafficking.

Homes have been raided at the following addresses…

Speedwell Road  – House vacated before raid – maybe the human traffickers and brothel owners had been tipped off

Cannon Hill Road – As above…

Coventry Road – As above…

All homes raided by Operation Sentinel were in the following areas – Bordesley Green, Hay Mills, Acocks Green, Sheldon and Alum Rock

It is on record in this developing story that West Midlands Police – quote – Police say two men and three women were arrested at an address on Botha Road in Bordesley Green on suspicion of managing a brothel. – more -  Detective Superintendent Tim Bacon said: “It’s hard to believe that modern day slavery is happening in the West Midlands, but sadly it’s on the increase and we’re determined to put a stop to it.”

In all 9 homes and premises were raided…

Operation Sentinel Cracks Down  on Brothels in the Midlands UK…

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Dial 999 in emergencies.


West Midlands Police Operation Sentinel – meaning –

Operation Sentinel is our latest forcewide initiative aimed at protecting the most vulnerable members of society in the West Midlands – particularly those who are victims or are at risk of:

1.            Child sexual exploitation

2.            Honour-based violence

3.            Human trafficking

4.            Female genital mutilation

5.            Domestic abuse

The operation focuses on improving the service we provide to these vulnerable victims who may be reluctant to come forward due to a lack of confidence in reporting to the police and partner agencies; their cultural beliefs or behaviours; or a personal fear for their safety.

Attribution to West-Midlands.Police.uk/crime-reduction/operation-sentinel/


Busted PRC 92 Children Freed From Henan – Hebei – Shandong Imprisonment

Shandong Province

PRC – People’s Republic of China

Sunday, September 29, 2013

At least 11 provinces in the PRC have been exposed as centers for trafficking in children. The operation seems to have been well organized and planned in attempts to cover all tracks and enable child trafficking to flourish undetected by the police and the authorities.

But the Police have made a breakthrough across many provinces in the PRC with raids rescuing 92 children many found in Henan – Hebei – Shandong and others. In the bust the Police rounded up over  301 suspects all members of child trafficking gangs across China. The sophisticated operation has been a chain of operational units – the child buyer units approach a rogue doctor and/or family units with children for sale. The gang pays for the children then drug them so they can be easily transported across country by middlemen who organize the transport and drivers on the journey to a new province. On arrival in typically Henan – Hebei – Shandong province the 92 trafficked children were then handed over to the child trafficking sellers who would sell them to families and/or slave and prostitution triads  seeking to buy children. The triads of course would subject the children into forced child sex and extreme slavery. The financial cycle seems to be the child traffickers buy the children in places like Yunnan and Sichuan province for 4,500 yuan – $735 USD  and then sold final transaction for 20,000 yuan – $3,270 USD.

The money making process adopted by the child trafficking gangs buy in impoverished areas where people know little about law and money, then sell on in the provinces with flourishing economies and lots of surplus income – money to spend.

Busted PRC 92 Children Freed From Henan Hebei Shandong Imprisonment…

Human Smuggling In Shenyang PRC

Human smuggling aka human trafficking is an international problem. But the operative word that is so misleading is ‘international’ this word confuses in so much as the use of the word escalates the problem of human smuggling aka human trafficking into to an hugely unmanageable problem. That is why all cases need to be publicized and actioned on a local level of control – elimination – arrest of the human traffickers leading to prosecution.

The problem is so massive that the only way to stop this massive money making machine is attack the local gangs seek out the mafia kingpins and lieutenants apprehend them – prosecute – then imprison. In other words dismantle the gangs by killing off the snake heads who control these human trafficking gangs that proliferate all around the world.

Here is a brief overview on how human trafficking is being addressed at local level in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, PRC – official quote –

What are the Possible Indicators of a Human Trafficking Victim?

  • Person does not have their identification documents in their possession because the documents are held by another and are not returned upon request
  • Person with unexplained physical injury or abuse
  • Person whose movement and activities appear to be closely controlled or monitored by another and is not free to leave at their own will
  • Person does not have personal freedoms of travel, shopping without escort
  • Person never leaves home without an escort
  • Person works excessive hours, but receives little or no compensation
  • Person who works excessive hours and is fearful of discussing working conditions or is unaware that certain unsafe conditions are unlawful
  • Person does not know where they are geographically located and is always transported to and from workplace
  • Person’s salary is being garnished to pay off smuggling fee on a recurring basis
  • Person who is fearful of discussing their relationship to a person who appears to have physical control over them
  • Person has been deprived of food, water, sleep, or medical care
  • Unable to communicate freely and cannot use phone, internet, or email

Attribution to Shenyang.USEmbassy-China.org.cn/report-tip.html

Human smuggling is a local problem, as such if you see it in your area – always report to the Police and local authorities.

Human Smuggling In Shenyang PRC….


Tang Hui Forced Labor Camp Nightmare


Hunan Province


PRC – People’s Republic of China

Friday, August 16, 2013

Tang Hui  – 39 year old Chinese woman from Hunan Province PRC whose 11 year old daughter was taken and forced into captivity at a brothel to act as a child prostitute. She sort justice for her daughter and the courts judged her belligerent with an unjustified complaint sending her to a forced labor camp as punishment. The sentence was based on guilty of ‘upset social stability’ in seeking justice for her daughter. She served nine days at the forced labor camp then was released on appeal. She then went to a higher court who ruled her detention was unlawful and awarded her 2,941 Yuan – 480 US dollars in compensation.

Tang Hui has gained some limited media exposure and attention in PRC – People’s Republic of China now often referred to by Chinese press and media as the “Petitioning Mama”

The kidnapping and habitual rape of her 11 year old daughter in a brothel prison started over seven years ago and now in the third quarter of 2013 Tang Hui forced Labor Camp nightmare is still making waves through society and courts all be it with unacceptable compensation and redress, with no satisfactory closure on the horizon.

Latest public statement from Tang Hui late July 2013  on being awarded the 2,941 Yuan – 480 US dollars pitiful compensation.– quote – “At this point, I want to let bygones be bygones,” – more – “I want to spend more time with my daughter and to wipe all those bad things from my memory. I just want some peace and to have a good rest.”

Tang Hui Forced Labor Camp Nightmare…


Changsha – meaning – Capital city of Hunan city in PRC – People’s Republic of China thriving metropolis of greater than 7,000,000 population the major commercial and industrial hub for the region – Attribution to WorldwideSlavery.Com

Petitioning Mama – meaning – Tang Hui aka ‘Petitioning Mama’ resident of Yongzhou in Hunan Province who was unlawfully sentenced to serve time in a forced labor camp as the courts found she was guilty of acts that ‘upset social stability’

Colombian National Police Bust Transnational Human Trafficking Gang

Antioquia Province


South America

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Transnational Human Trafficking Gang has been busted in Colombia in an organized raid led by the Attorney General’s office, the National Police and the navy. The bust follows on from investigations by the Transnational Crime Group of the AG’s office, supported by investigation agencies at the US Embassy. Rounded up and arrested were members of the transnational human trafficking gang including but limited to – 12 men and nine unidentified migrant people sans documents set to be sold into slave labor – 4 from Bangladesh and five Nepalis.

The human trafficking gang kingpins are alleged to be two men of African origin based in Bogota – Columbia. The raid was made on a safe house in the northwest province of Antioquia, Colombia

Colombian National Police Bust Transnational Human Trafficking Gang…


AG – meaning – Attorney General.

Antioquia Province – meaning – “The Department of Antioquia is one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the central northwestern part of Colombia with a narrow section that borders the Caribbean Sea. Most of its territory is mountainous with some valleys, much of which is part of the Andes mountain range. Antioquia has been part of many territorial divisions of former countries created over the present day territory of Colombia, and prior to the Colombian Constitution of 1886, Antioquia State was a sovereign government in their own right.” – Attribution to Wikipedia.Org.

Torture and Murder on Thai Trawlers



Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tales coming in reference to – “Torture and  Murder on Thai Trawlers”

This repetitive abuse has been hushed up for years as previously it was accepted as the standard to treat slaves of Burma aka Myanmar Rohingya origin. One Thai trawler escapee has just reached Bangkok with a sorry tale to tell of stabbings where intestines spilled out. No medical care – poor hygiene – little or sparse food.

Forced to work all day every day, and if a Burma aka Myanmar Rohingya migrant was ill or unfit for work on the fishing boats, the skippers would torture them, after which if that did not get them back to work they would be killed then simply tossed overboard.

Some escapees say they have been in forced labor of Thai trawlers for more than 20 years earning less than $20 USD for a full years slavery. They never had any money to escape and the few times they came ashore the skippers would round them up and transport them to the local brothels where they were provided prostitutes and cheap powerful Thai whisky. The  Burma aka Myanmar Rohingya migrant slaves would then get drunk and cavort with the whores. Then they would be packed into a cattle truck and driven back on to the Thai trawlers. After sleeping off the drunken stupor, they would wake up back in captivity aboard the Thai trawlers.

Torture and  Murder on Thai Trawlers…

Ko Myo Burmese Human Trafficking Gang Leader Captured in Surat Thani

Surat Thani


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Burmese aka Myanmar human trafficking gang leader Ko Myo captured in police shoot out in southern Thailand province of Surat Thani. The arrest was made as Ko Myo is suspected of selling Burmese migrants into slavery on Thai fishing boats. The charges come with a raft of associated offenses including seven murders.

The arrest was a secret operation between the Thai police and the DSI – Department of Special Investigation. Ko Myo was arrested at an unnamed rubber plantation and seemingly there was a melee in which the DSI shot Ko Myo to immobilize him preventing him making an escape. The Burmese aka Myanmar human trafficking gang leader has been hunted for a number of years. He is alleged to be one of the kingpins heading up mass movement of Burmese Rohingya from Myanamar to Thailand where they have been sold into slavery like forced labor on Thai fishing boats et al.

Other offenses have been tabled including rape, but Ko Myo has admitted the human trafficking offenses but denies rape and has not admitted to the murder accusations.

Rumors are rife that the Thai naval security forces may have been assisting Ko Myo to move Burmese Royingha migrants around the regions of Thailand as many of the migrants are sold as indentured slaves to rural farms and land owners.

Ko Myo Burmese Human Trafficking Gang Leader Captured in Surat Thani…

Tarutao Rohingya Slavery Island of Thailand Asian Alcatraz

Tarutao Island
Monday, August 12, 2013

Thailand is not all it seems underneath the veneer of year round sunshine and hospitality that few countries can equal in the world. Thailand is a sun kissed paradise showcasing some incredibly beautiful beaches and resorts in this mecca of holiday makers that flock to hotels and resorts around the Andaman Seas. In the Andaman seas off the coast of southern Thailand lies the idyllic Tarutao island, but this is no island paradise it is in fact an “Asian Alcatraz” where thousands of stateless Royingha muslims are imprisoned by Thai authorities. Royingha’s are to say the least unwanted in Burma aka Myanmar where they have no residency rights and zero political supporters meaning that they are all but displaced race of people, hence when they are chased and harassed to leave Burma aka Myanmar they often seek refuge in Thailand. But the Thais do not want them residing in the “Land of Smiles” so against all human rights they round them up and imprison them on Tarutao island.

Here is a segment of a great report on the plight of the Royingha’s courtesy of Andrew-Drummond.Com – quote – “The Rohingya problem is today’s Burma’s (Myanmar’s) shame and to a certain extent also the world’s. People are not exactly taking to the streets in the west to protest. – more – The Rohingya are regarded as Muslim, which they are, and ‘dirty brown’ by bigots who are ordinary everyday Buddhist Burmese who just do not want to live next door to one; the Alf Garnets of 21 Century ASEAN? – more – Aung San Suu Kyi is not campaigning on their behalf. Cynics say its because would be political suicide.” – Attribution to Andrew-Drummond.Com

Tarutao Rohingya Slavery Island of Thailand – Asian Alcatraz…


Royingha – meaning – “The Rohingya people are an ethnic group who practice Islam and speak Rohingya, an Indo-European language of the Eastern Indic branch, closely related to Chittagonian and more distantly to Bengali. The origin of this group of people is disputed with some saying they are indigenous to the state of Rakhine (also known as Arakan, or Rohang in the Rohingya language) in Burma and others contending that they are Muslim migrants who originated in Bengal, latterly Bangladesh, and migrated to Burma during the period of British rule.” – Attribution to Wikipedia.Org.

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