Thai-Uzbek Sex Ring Still Thriving in Bangkok

Back in June 2012 reports were coming in that a police operation code named “Operation Graceland” was underway to dismantle and downsize a massive well established Thai-Uzbek Sex Ring that was operating covertly and very successfully in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. The despicable trade revolves around luring innocent young women from Uzbekistan to Bangkok on the premise that they will be employed legally and gainfully in jobs varying from promotional work through to a range of disciplines like nurses – clerks – waitresses et al.

Then once the teenage girls and young women arrived in Bangkok, they were locked away in rooms with no money and/or passports. Then the criminal sex trafficking Thai-Uzbek Sex Ring gang members sell each lady into sex slavery – prostitution and as wholesale unlimited sexual service providers.

Now as 2012 winds down into the twilight months of the year, reports are coming in that the Thai-Uzbek Sex Ring is still operating freely and has not to date been busted by the Anti-Human Trafficking Division and a Thai Special Undercover Team.

It is disturbing and distressing that we have to report these facts – but fully realize that the respective authorities are doing all they can to destroy and dismantle the Thai-Uzbek Sex Ring.

Thai-Uzbek Sex Ring Still Thriving in Bangkok…

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